Innovation, Tradition and Fashion! OLIVER Sport is established worldwide; individual racket sports equipment for every player-types are the distinctive hallmark of OLIVER.


Innovation, tradition and fashion have always been our three basic elements. In the last 20 years we have developed more technological designs and systems for our rackets than any other company. In fashion we establish a special identity and style for our sportswear.


Jack Oliver produced his first racket in his workshop in Adelaide, Australia, back in 1938. He was an expert in woodwork, a craftsman who knew the best woods and could produce a finish that had not previously been seen in sports equipment. To produce a top-quality racket, OLIVER enlisted the help of some of the top players of the time. At that time, Australian squash had a reputation for some of the roughest, uncompromising players in the game, and they provided the hardest test possible. This is how OLIVER’s high standards were established.


OLIVER squash rackets are established worldwide. Innovative materials such Metacarbon™, MCEplon™, Nano-Eplon™ and the Round Shaft Technology have set new standards in racket technology. Individual squash rackets for every player-types are the distinctive hallmark of OLIVER. Continuous quality control in their own production facilities, extensive testing, close contact to the market, and the continuous development of product lines has made OLIVER into a leading supplier of racket sports rackets.



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