STREAM-1 Paddle (Black/White)

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Control-power long-paddle designed by OLIVER.

The STREAM-1's elongated-frame shape provides a longer reach to the ball and enables a better paddle rotation for long-shots with power and control. 

The 16 mm Polypropylene Honeycomb Core gives a soft and responsive feeling as well as great precision.

Fiberglass surface and grippy-poly finish deliver extra easy power and spin at the same time, making this model a great competition paddle.

This model comes with the top class Point Grip by OLIVER and a thin handle, providing an amazing holding feeling.


MODEL NAME: STREAM-1 - Black/White


SKU #: 150002

COLORS:  Black / White

CORE:  15.5 mm (16 mm tt) Polypropylene Honeycomb

SURFACE:  Fiberglass

SURFACE FINISH: Grippy-Poly Finish

WEIGHT:  8.2 oz (+/- 3 oz)

LENGTH: 419 mm

WIDTH: 190 mm


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